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Case Study - Project Management Efficiencies

SOP Platform Implementation for Custom Construction Company

Objective A design-build remodeling contractor desired to drive continued growth in his business. Challenge As the sole employee, this business owner spent the vast majority of his time on job sites managing subcontractors, meeting with inspectors and homeowners, and engaging with prospective customers, leaving him little time to manage the details of his business. Estimating,

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Case Study - Meeting & Events SOP Development

SOP Development Need for Fortune 500 Organization

Objective A Fortune 500 Life Sciences organization desired to drive an increased volume of meetings and events through its centralized meetings and events (M&E) team to gain visibility to the associated savings and improve risk management. Challenge A new meetings policy implemented by the organization succeeded in driving more volume to the M&E team, however,

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Case Study - Customer Care SOP for Home Inspector Company

SOP Development for Home Inspection Company

Objective A growing home inspection company desired to build out its customer care team before the start of their busy season. Challenge Customer care was currently being handled by a key member of the organization’s leadership team who was too busy with other responsibilities to create the necessary documentation to hire or train new employees.

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Buffer and blocking

One of the very best things about starting my own business has been my ability to have more control over my schedule. Since I transitioned out of my corporate gig, I have become very comfortable with a different pace. A slower pace to be sure, but more importantly, a pace that allows me to align

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Give your brain a break!

Give me a break…from my business!

It seems counterintuitive but carving out time to NOT think about your business while you’re building your business is a fantastic tactic to consider. Allowing your brain to relax and enjoy something other than business will spur your creativity. Any hobby or interest that moves you into a state of flow has both psychological and physical

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What I love about Monday mornings

OK, so maybe these aren’t really secrets…but I have found this routine to be a powerful way for me to kick off my work week in a way that makes me look forward to Monday mornings. Monday Mocha Finn and I make it a Monday habit to hop in the car and drive to a

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