Buffer and blocking

One of the very best things about starting my own business has been my ability to have more control over my schedule. Since I transitioned out of my corporate gig, I have become very comfortable with a different pace. A slower pace to be sure, but more importantly, a pace that allows me to align with my natural rhythms and to work more effectively.

For me, work is either extroverted (client meetings, networking, discovery calls) or introverted (strategic planning, content writing, client work). I lose productivity if I am constantly bouncing between extro and intro work. My method of time blocking involves batching activities in terms of the type of energy they require:

  • Weekly, my calendar is blocked sunny yellow in the morning and cool blue in the afternoon
  • Daily, I schedule client calls and networking in the morning and then move to creative or strategic work in the afternoon
  • Ad hoc, when client needs require flexibility in my schedule, I optimize my productivity by blocking 15 to 30 minutes of buffer time so I can transition into the right energy

Developing a schedule that is built on the ebb and flow of my energy and attitude throughout the day ensures I’m showing up in the right headspace for my clients, and frankly, for everyone else in my life, too. 

Truth bomb…I’m a work in progress. I’m less worried about getting it right every. single. time. than being satisfied when I get it right more often than not. 

Curious about how to get started? I wish it were sexier but you start out by doing a weekly audit. Track what you’re doing and how you are feeling about your activities for a week. It seems like a lot of work but the effort will pay off.

Once you can see what you are doing and how you are feeling, you’ll begin to see patterns and you’ll have a better idea of how to plan your days in the future.

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