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What Should You Tackle First?

You Have Questions. I Have Answers.

Many of the challenges that hold owners back are driven less by specific industry or business knowledge, and more by the execution of efficient business processes.

I will focus on clarifying your vision for your business and developing a strategy and plan of action that tackles your most pressing priorities.

I have worked with a variety of service-based businesses in remodeling/construction/landscaping, insurance agents, fractional CFOs, life/business coaches, tattoo artists, dog trainers, and…and…and…

As different as these businesses look, what they all had in common was a visionary owner who decided to get help wrangling all their great ideas into a strategic plan and driving execution.

If you appreciate collaboration, transparency, and continuous improvement, we’ll work well together. Bonus if you like dogs, books, and coffee.

Although I may have platforms or tools that I recommend, the decision is ultimately yours. I am happy to support implementation and integrations that meet your business objectives.