SOP Development Need for Fortune 500 Organization

Case Study - Meeting & Events SOP Development


A Fortune 500 Life Sciences organization desired to drive an increased volume of meetings and events through its centralized meetings and events (M&E) team to gain visibility to the associated savings and improve risk management.


A new meetings policy implemented by the organization succeeded in driving more volume to the M&E team, however, customer satisfaction scores fell by 5% resulting in an additional barrier to program adoption.


Through interviews with stakeholders at various levels within the organization, those who had used the M&E planning services as well as those who had not, I gathered information about the clients’ experience or resistance to working with the M&E operations team. Once I analyzed the feedback, common service delivery challenges were identified.

I worked with the operations team to create new standard operating procedures(SOP) and ensure that existing documentation was updated to align with the technology, workflow, and organizational changes that had occurred in the previous two years. SOPs included checklists and outlines that all operations staff used when engaging with stakeholders to ensure a consistent client experience.

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